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How to Start a Guitar Store

Starting a guitar store can be a tricky business. Getting customers in the door is difficult, and surviving in the competitive market can be tough. However, the right combination of products and services can help your store succeed.

To begin, you’ll need to find a location. Ideally, your store should be near a college or music academy. This can be a good idea because it can bring in students who are looking to play instruments. You may also want to consider hiring musicians.

If you’re going to be dealing with musical instruments, make sure your staff are experts in their field. Make sure to have them dressed in instrument-embellished polo shirts. They’ll be more likely to give advice.

In addition, you should have an inventory of various types of instruments. The average music store carries around $50,000 to $100,000 in inventory. Be sure to stock items that are popular with the local customer base.

One way to boost your sales is to offer lessons. If you’re an expert in an area of musical interest, you may be able to charge more for your services. Also, you should consider establishing affiliations with local music instructors.

Lastly, you’ll need to invest in some marketing. Some of the most effective strategies include sponsoring a local musical event and delivering flyers to schools with discount coupons.

You’ll also need a robust website. You can use an e-commerce platform such as Magento or Shopify to create a more dynamic site.

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