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What is Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs?

Atopic dermatitis in dogs is a skin disease caused by an allergic reaction. It is characterized by itching and other signs. This condition can affect any part of the body, including the face, ears, and legs.

While atopic dermatitis can be genetically hereditary, it is also possible for the disease to be triggered by environmental factors. One of the most common causes is pollen. Other allergens include mold, house dust mites, and grass.

If your dog is showing symptoms of atopic dermatitis, it is important to visit the veterinarian. They will conduct a thorough physical exam and ask questions about the dog’s history. Your veterinarian may also perform a cytology test, which involves taking a sample of the dog’s skin and having it examined under a microscope.

The symptoms of atopic dermatitis can be similar to those of many other skin conditions. However, the severity of the allergic reaction can differ. Some dogs exhibit only mild signs, while others experience severe symptoms. There are also seasonal variations in the presence of the symptoms.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available. These can be tailored to suit your pet’s needs.

For example, oral corticosteroids can help reduce itching. However, they can cause some side effects, such as increased thirst and urinary frequency. In addition, they can decrease your dog’s resistance to infection.

Topical treatments can reduce the chances of future skin infections. They can also be helpful for preventing flare-ups of the itchiness in atopic patients.

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